The Abarth Community to shape the new stripes for the Scorpion of the future

  • Following the success of the previous polls on sound and colours, it is time for the side stripes of the Abarth of the future. Two reinterpretations of the historic Abarth lettering: “Scratch” and “Shift”.
  • The third instalment of “Abarth Performance Creators”, the collaborative tool with which enthusiasts actively participate in designing of the brand’s future, is underway.

The adventure of “Abarth Performance Creators”, the participatory tool which allows fans of the brand to co-create the Abarth of tomorrow, continues. Today is the turn of the new stripes for the Abarth of the future. After the overwhelming response to the call made by the Scorpion to its community to express a preference on the sound and on the new livery, which created almost 200 thousand votes, the brand once again addresses its fans.

Starting today, enthusiasts will be able to participate in the third round of the online poll - on the brand’s UK Facebook and Instagram pages – to pick their favourite style for the new side stripes that will decorate the bodywork of the Scorpion’s new cars, according to the brand’s founding values of Style and Performance. After all, decals are an integral part of its history that over the years they have accentuated its character and personality.

There are two reinterpretations of the traditional lettering, reimagined from a digital perspective: the Scratch and the Shift. The first stripe is inspired by a “glitch” effect, that short-lived moment of “lag” of an electronic or computer system. The result is a futuristic stripe that “injects” the Scorpion’s poison into the digital world and brings the adrenaline-pumping driving experience into the future of mobility. A stylistic approach in full Abarth style. The second stripe, called Shift, features a three-dimensional effect that further enhances Abarth’s sporty soul. The original lettering seems sculpted on the metal of the car body and stands out even more on the new livery.

Two stripes with eye-catching and futuristic designs, yet deeply rooted in Abarth's history: which one will win the favour of the many fans across the globe?

Currently “The Scorpionship” community—which you can join for free in the UK at – has over 160,000 members worldwide, which includes both Abarth fans and owners. There are 93 official clubs located globally over 22 countries and four continents. Their passion knows no limits, as was demonstrated at the end of 2020 on Abarth digital day when its community was entered into the Guinness World RecordsTM for the largest ever digital gathering.