Finance Options at WLMG MG

New and Used Car Finance

At WLMG we know that financing your new car can be an uncertain process. Questions such as what is the best product for me? What is the best time frame? What our my options at the end of the my contract? are regularly asked by our customers. Talking to us can get you through the process with the right product quickly and effortlessly. These videos will take you thought not only what is the best product for your needs but also what are the advantages of the additional service WLMG offers at the time of purchase of your new car.

Complete Wheel Insurance

No matter how careful you are, punctured tyres, or scuffs and scratches to alloy wheels seem to be a fact of motoring life. Our Complete Wheel Protection eases the financial burden and worry that comes when your wheels or tyres are damaged.

Tyre Insurance

This insurance will refund the cost of having to repair or replace a tyre or tyres that have suffered a puncture, whether accidentally or maliciously, during the period of insurance.

Alloy Wheel Insurance

No more inconvenient, pricey trips to the body shop. If a claim is successful, we arrange for a specialist to come and make wheel repairs at the customers home or workplace at a time that suits. In the event that an alloy wheel is damaged beyond repair, we will pay towards the cost a replacement, up to the aggregate claims limit detailed in the Proposal/Policy Schedule. In some instances, it may be necessary to send an alloy wheel away for repair. If a repair to an alloy is not possible, they could receive up to £100 towards a replacement.

SMART Protect

The bodywork on your cars shiny new car gets chipped, dented, scratched or scuffed? Let’s face it, every-day wear and tear like this is hard to avoid, no matter how careful they are.

Whenever your customer needs to, they can just contact our Customer Service team to validate their claim and arrange for one of our expert repair technicians to come to you at home or work at a time that suits. The best way they can submit  their claim is via our SMART app but if they prefer they can go online or give us a call.

AutoProtect's award-winning repairer's Shine! offer state-of-the-art repair technology, so any chips, dents, light scratches or scuffs to bodywork will be erased on the spot. All work is guaranteed for the lifetime of vehicle ownership, and our streamlined claims handling procedure is the best in the business.

SMART Protect from AutoProtect is designed to help your customer keep their car in tip-top condition.​

Williams branded Ceramic Coat

Once professionally applied to your customer’s vehicle, Ceramic Coat leaves an extremely durable and high-gloss finish which prevents pollutants from impacting their car’s paintwork.

Without Ceramic Coat protection their paintwork could be become dull and faded over time when exposed to atmospheric pollutants and harsh car wash chemicals. Paintwork will progressively fade and hold dirt meaning cleaning and washing will become harder.

Ceramic Coat protects your customer’s vehicle’s paintwork, alloys, bumpers, glass (except front and rear screens) even interior surfaces and fabrics. They are all shielded. Ceramic Coat is guaranteed for the lifetime of their vehicle ownership*and the vehicle will never have to be polished again.