• In 2021, Fiat partnered with UK-based sustainable-tech startup, Kiri Technologies, to reward New 500 electric owners for efficient driving  
  • Since launch, almost 7,300 active users across Europe have registered to the initiative, generating 30.5 million FIAT e.Coins, valuing approx. £636,240 on the KIRI marketplace
  • Celebrating its birth right under the Fiat brand, the formerly named, ‘KiriCoins’, will be called ‘FIAT e.Coins’
  • FIAT e.Coins can be redeemed on a dedicated marketplace which features some of the UK’s most popular services including Apple, Netflix and Spotify
  • Based on their annual mileage*, efficient drivers could collect FIAT e.Coins worth around £125 – the equivalent of 18 months of Netflix or 12 months of Spotify subscriptions**

25 May 2022: Celebrating the success of Fiat’s first-of-its-kind collaboration with Kiri Technologies – which has seen 7,300 active users join the program – the project has been updated to introduce re-branded ‘FIAT e.Coins’ (formerly ‘KiriCoins’) and a brand new visual layout for the Fiat app.

Since launch, 30.5 million Fiat e.Coins have been accumulated, valuing over £636,240 which can be spent in the Kiri marketplace. Meanwhile, thanks to the environmentally friendly driving style that has been adopted by subscribers, it is estimated that more than 1,000 tons of CO2 have been saved***.

Crowning the success of the programme – which sees 500 new customers join every month - and to celebrate its birth right under the FIAT brand, the formerly named ‘KiriCoins’ will be called ‘FIAT e.Coins’ and identified through a dedicated logo, while the Fiat app receives a new visual layout.

Drivers receive Fiat e.Coins for their efficient driving style and can exchange these for vouchers on some of Brits’ favourite services such as Apple, Netflix and Spotify.

Based on the average yearly mileage of 6,200 miles*, New 500 drivers could collect FIAT e.Coins worth around £125 - the equivalent of 18 months of Netflix or 12 months of Spotify subscriptions**.

The tech collects driving data, such as speed and distance travelled, and uploads this to the Kiri cloud. Users can then download these tokens to their smartphones for use in purchasing products and services from the Kiri marketplace.

Joining the program

Joining the program is very straightforward. Download the renewed FIAT app and register. From that moment on, it will always be possible to check the amount of FIAT e.Coins accumulated.

The key to generating greater FIAT e.Coins is a smooth and efficient driving style. This is thanks to the New 500 being equipped with an eco:Score function which ranks the efficiency of driving style from 0 to 100, with higher scores leading to a greater number of FIAT e.Coins and rewards.

In March 2022, Fiat looked at how drivers were making annual savings by using the eco:Score function. Customers with the top 100 eco:Scores were able to conserve battery range and subsequent charging costs by 20 per cent. Based on the average cost of charging a New 500, the efficiencies in driving style enabled owners to save nearly £50 on home charging costs, rising to approximately £70 on public rapid charging a year****.

Greg Taylor, Managing Director, Fiat and Abarth, said: “A year on from launch, we are delighted with the results of our collaboration with Kiri Technologies, which has demonstrated the environmental and economic benefits that New 500 drivers can reap by being more conscious of their driving style.

“This first-of-its-kind collaboration, incentivises our drivers to adopt an efficient and responsible driving style which is not only respectful to the environment but also enables them to fully enhance the numerous efficiencies of the New 500 with regards to battery life and charging costs.”

In order to enhance driving efficiencies and conserve the battery, drivers can choose the New 500’s driving modes; Normal, Range and Sherpa. Normal mode is as close as possible to the experience of driving a petrol or diesel vehicle, while Range mode and Sherpa mode offer numerous battery-saving measures including a one-pedal driving experience which activates regenerative braking, helping to manage energy efficiency.

Regenerative braking - available in Range and Sherpa mode - is activated when the driver lifts their foot from the accelerator pedal, automatically slowing down the car, while simultaneously converting and recovering kinetic energy to generate electric power and recharge the New 500’s battery.

The car also boasts level 2 Autonomous Driving technologies, enhancing the safety and comfortability of urban driving, a variety of battery options and a substantial driving range of up to 199 miles (WLTP).