Across - Technology and Equipment Update

Suzuki launched the Across PHEV in Autumn 2020 and is pleased to announce several technology and standard equipment updates for 2022 which include an on-board AC charger increase to 6kW from 3kW enabling a much faster charging time.

For example, if a 32A Rapid charge facility is used, battery charging time is reduced from 5.30 hours to around 2.45 hours. Charging Across via a lower rated 16A home or public point is now also reduced by 36 minutes to less than 5 hours.

To help further improve efficiency and style, front fog lamps, rear cabin light and luggage compartment lights are now all redesigned to LED type.  For added convenience, illumination has been added to overhead console switches and mirror control. Additionally, USB ports have now been upgraded from type A to type C to ensure compatibility with a wider range of mobile devices.

Across is available in six different colours – White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Attitude Black Mica, Sensual Red Mica, Grey Metallic and Dark Blue Mica. There is no additional charge for metallic or pearlescent colours.

Highlights of the Plug-in Hybrid system
The PHEV system in the Across provides unparalleled fuel economy and smooth acceleration, with CO₂ emissions of just 22g/km (WLTP regulation) and a very efficient EV range of 46.6 miles. Across also benefits from a company car BIK Tax banding of just eight per cent.

At the core is a powerful front electric motor that delivers vigorous torque at low speeds and combines with a powerful 2.5-litre petrol engine for rapid acceleration at higher speeds.

With maximum output of 134kW and 270Nm of torque, the front electric motor draws its energy from an 18.1kWh (50.9 Ah) high-capacity lithium-ion battery mounted beneath the floor.

The Plug-in Hybrid system is equipped with four modes which are: Default EV mode, Auto EV/HV mode, HV mode, and battery charger mode which the driver can select depending on driving conditions and battery status. In EV Mode the vehicle is driven entirely by the power of the electric motor even under full acceleration.

When in Auto EV/HV mode and HV mode, the engine contributes to power delivery when required, such as when the accelerator is pressed strongly. To store electricity for EV mode when the charge is low, the battery charger mode runs the engine to fully re-charge the battery. The powerful lithium-ion battery has 96 cells with a voltage of 355V.