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At WLMG, we’re able to provide an exceptional level of service and value for money regardless of your servicing needs. This is because we have state-of-the-art workshops and some of the finest and most experienced technicians around, meaning all work can be completed to the highest standard at prices that are affordable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a car service?


Your car service will include thorough inspections of all key aspects of your vehicle, including fluid levels, tyres, brakes, wipers, lighting, emissions and more. You’ll also get a detailed report of any findings and work that needs addressing.

How much is a car service?


The cost of servicing will vary depending on the workshop being used, as well as the make and model of the car and the type of servicing required. Speak to the team at WLMG for pricing information today.

Why should you service your car?


First of all, servicing helps ensure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. It also keeps it running at its most efficient and identifies any potential issues that may otherwise cause expensive repairs. Plus, you can help preserve the resale value of your car by offering a full service history.

How often should you change your oil?


Oil changes should occur frequently, with experts recommending you change your oil every 5,000 miles.

How do I know when my car needs servicing?


Your vehicle will provide you with an alert and notification that your car is due its next service. Alternatively, you can liaise with a member of the team at WLMG and we’ll provide you with details on service intervals.

Do I have to get my car serviced by a main dealer?


Having your vehicle serviced by a main MG dealer is not essential (unless stated in your purchasing agreement), but brings such benefits as MG-trained technicians and manufacturer-approved parts and accessories.

At what mileage should a car be serviced?


Vehicle servicing is recommended every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes soonest.

What happens if you don’t get your car serviced?


There’s no obligation to have your vehicle serviced (unless stated in your financing agreement), but failing to do so could cause more significant problems in the future and impact the resale value of your vehicle.

What is the difference between MOT and service?


An annual MOT test checks the roadworthy nature of your vehicle and is a legal requirement for all models aged over three years. Servicing, meanwhile, is optional.

How long does an MOT take?


A typical MOT test should take no longer than 60 minutes to complete.

What does MOT stand for?


Ministry of Transport.

When does my car need an MOT?


Once a vehicle turns three years of age, it is a legal requirement that you have an MOT every 12 months to ensure it is in a roadworthy condition. Failing to do so is an offence and will invalidate any insurance.