The Fiat 500 brings hybrid mobility to the world of style.

New and improved

​The 500 and 500C now offer reduced emissions* while driving thanks to the new hybrid engine. With improved fuel consumption, they are easy to use and provide a more pleasant driving experience.

*according to NDc2 homologation cycle when compared to the Fiat 500 1.2 69HP

Interiors by Seaqual(TM)

A high quality designed product, with an ethical purpose; helping to resolve sea pollution. The new 500 and 500C Hybrid Launch Edition's seats are made by Seaqual: a special kind of recycled fibre which is partly made by reusing plastic collected from the sea. 


Not just for the environment, going hybrid means a range of benefits even for you.

Go Hybrid

Thanks to the introduction of mild hybrid technology the NEw Fiat 500 Hybrid Launch Edition is not only more efficient, with lower CO2 emissions while driving, but also provides a more refined and relaxing driving experience.

Total Freedom

The mild hybrid system is self charging and does not require to be plugged in. The system recoups energy during the coasting and braking phases for hassle free driving in and out of town, whilst still providing ecological and economic benefits.

BE IN CHARGE TFT Screen An updated TFT display shows battery level and the flow of energy
APPLE CAR PLAY Stay focused on the road Apple car play allows you to make calls, receive and listen to music all through Siri voice control
ANDROID AUTO STAY CONNECTED Connect your smartphone and manage maps, music and contacts without putting safety at risk