There’s no time limit on how long you will benefit from our promises. If you are a Nissan customer, you'll want to be spoken to in a genuine, open and honest manner. We will look after you. That's our promise.

You’ve hit the servicing jackpot with Nissan Service Care

Everyone’s a winner when they book a service with us – our package is designed to be transparent, simple and provide outstanding value. Did you know that no matter what your Nissan’s age you pay a fixed price when you book a service with us? You simply choose from a major or minor service for a petrol (from £199), diesel (from £229) or electric (from £159) Nissan, and in return receive these fantastic added benefits:

- 1 year’s roadside assist worth £95
- Free courtesy car
- eVision: vehicle assessment video
- Approved quality parts
- Trained Technicians
- Free vehicle software updates

We’ll always keep you in the know with our service. If we identify a concern with your Nissan, we’ll use our eVision tool to create a short video explaining what’s needed. That way you can make an informed decision about what work you want to have done. And once you’ve decided you can rely on fixed prices for most of our common repairs, such as window wipers and brake pads (see below for more details). They’ll be carried out by a trained Nissan technician, using only approved quality parts.

Petrol Petrol (under 2l) Diesel (Under 2l) Electric Vehicle

Minor Service includes:
Oil & Oil Filter
Sump Plug
Screen Wash




Major Service includes:
All of the above
Brake Fluid
Air Filter
Pollen Filter




*Excludes replacement SD Cards and Hardware ** These are set prices for vehicles under 2l. For prices on vehicles over 2l please contact us on 0208 842 1461