Genuine Kia Accessories

Personalise the look and feel of your Kia with our wide range of Genuine Kia Accessories, available from WLMG at a competitive price. To maintain the safety and quality of your vehicle, every accessory from Kia has been thoroughly tested to ensure both design and materials meet the highest standards and offer maximum convenience.

Browse our latest Kia accessories below and contact us for more information or to arrange an accessory fitting at one of our locations.

Sportage Mats

Carpet Mat Sets. From £60.

With carpet mat sets for the Sportage and Niro, you can protect the cabin from unnecessary damage. These are designed to slip in and out with ease, making them simple to keep clean.

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Sportage Chrome bumper protector

Sportage Chrome Bumper Guard. From £105.

The chrome bumper guards available for Kia Sportage models protect your bumper from impact damage and unnecessary scratches, providing optimum peace of mind.

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Picanto Entry Guards

Kia Picanto Chrome Entry Guards x 2. From £62.

Give a flash of premium shine to welcome your passengers into the Kia Picanto while preventing unattractive scuffs and scrapes.

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Trunk mat niro

Kia Niro Trunk Mats. From £50. 

Trunk mats for the Kia Niro allow you to carry all kinds of cargo, from muddy wellington boots to wet coats, without worrying about damaging the interior of your vehicle. With anti-slip properties, your cargo is also safe and secure.

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Sportage Sporty side steps

Kia Sportage Sporty Side Steps. From £505.

Sporty and functional, with aluminium inlays and anti-slip rubber elements, Genuine Kia sporty side steps improve access to the cabin and roof-mounted accessories.

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Kia Ceed Chrome Entry

Kia Ceed Chrome Entry Guards x4. From £85.

Getting in and out of a vehicle can cause wear and tear including unsightly scuff marks. Prevent this from happening with chrome entry guards.

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Sorento 3rd row mats

Kia Sorento Carpet Floor Mat + Third Row. From £90.

Carpet floor mats are available for this muscular seven-seater, with even the third row benefitting from a tailored mat.​

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Mud Guard all models

Mud Guards – All Models. From £116. 

Genuine Kia mud guards are available for all models. These help to protect the car’s underbody, sills and doors from excessive dirt, slush or mud spray.

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Sportage Dog Guars

Kia Sportage Dog Guard. From £190.

Invest in a dog guard and ensure the comfort and safety of your animal companion as you travel.

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