WLMG Kia - Your Business Partner

Here to support with Business and Fleet needs

Whether you are an individual looking for a car for your own business or a large corporate running a large fleet of cars, purchasing and running your business fleet can be a daunting and time-consuming process. At WLMG Kia we want to help take some of that pressure off and make it as simple and easy as possible for you.

At WLMG Kia we are delighted to have been appointed a Kia Business Specialist Dealer with a dedicated Business Specialist Manager who is devoted solely to our Fleet business.

Our Business Specialist, Vipin Parekh, has over 35 years car sales experience with over 12 years as a fleet manager. His experience and knowledge will always mean you get the best value for money as well as the right cars for your needs.

We can build a fully tailored proposition for you based on your budget and requirements as well as keeping your fleet on the road with bespoke Aftersales packages to help manage your whole life costs so that you always know what you are paying.

To speak to Vipin about your specific requirements (large or small) please call him on 07500 935 032 or email him at vipinparekh@wlmg.co.uk