Why Go Electric? As the electric vehicle market expands and more vehicles become available, here at WLMG Suzuki, we want to help our customers understand what is available and how electric technology can benefit you.

Suzuki Electric and Hybrid Range


    The Benefits of Buying Alternative Fueled Vehicles

    • The SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) uses the electric motor at low speeds and then transitions seamlessly to traditional petrol power at higher speeds and on longer journeys to give customers the best of both.
    • The real joy of Suzuki’s smart hybrid technology is that it does not require recharging at an external electrical source. Instead, it uses a process called regenerative braking to ensure the battery is charged. This innovative technology extracts power created through the braking process and then stores it in the battery ready for reuse.
    • Hybrid cars have a lower running cost. Even though hybrids still have a petrol component, if you maintain your car and drive efficiently, you can still make considerable savings on both fuel and road tax without compromising on performance.
    • Suzuki’s hybrid vehicles are light, responsive and nimble. They make ideal cars for customers who make lots of short journeys but are equally adept on long journeys and motorways.
    • Using hybrid power will reduce your emissions. Whilst not entirely eradicated, they are significantly less than in standard engines, hence why there is a reduction in road tax. Plus, for eco-aware customers, you can rest assured that with lower CO2 emissions, your carbon footprint is improved.

    Suzuki Electric and Hybrid Offers

    Electric and Hybrid FAQ's

    What are alternative fuels?

    Alternative fuels are different methods of power. For PHEV and EVs, that is electricity.

    How do I drive a hybrid car efficiently?

    WLMG Suzuki believes that maintaining your hybrid vehicle, checking tyre pressure and keeping excessive weight to a minimum will maximize the efficiency of your car.

    Can I charge my electric car at home?

    You can charge your car at home using the correct cord and a standard power supply, or you can install a dedicated home charge point. Chat to WLMG Suzuki in Reading about the government grants available for installation.

    How does an electric car work?

    All-electric vehicles (EVs) use a large traction battery pack to power an electric motor which propels the car.

    Are electric vehicles cheaper to run than petrol?

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    This depends on how well you use and maintain your car, but generally electric vehicles are much cheaper to run thanks to lower taxes and fuel costs.

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