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4XE - Jeep Plug in Hybrids

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Grand Cherokee 4XE ​- Coming Soon


Jeep® reinvents four-wheel drive by combining its trademark 4x4 capability with a powerful electric motor. Fuel consumption and emissions are reduced with improved safety,
performance and capability. More than anything else, 4xe is the key to opening the doors of a new world of mobility solutions that evolves the way to live the true Jeep® experience.


Charging the battery of the new Jeep®  4xe Plug-in Hybrid is easy, intuitive and convenient thanks to the full availability charging solutions - firstly, while driving, like the standard hybrid vehicles, but also by the plug, at home or at a public charging point.
Always simple and quick.


Jeep® 4xe always recharges its battery while driving, through new features such as eCoasting and eBraking. Furthermore, with new services and dedicated features, you can easily recharge the battery at any European charging station. Moving around is never a problem.


The new Jeep® 4xe Plug-In Hybrid comes with innovative technology that allows you to stay connected, interact with your vehicle and plan charging from anywhere.

Remote Management and Smart Navigation Interact with the Jeep® 4xe Plug-In Hybrid, even at a distance. Monitor the battery and start a new charge directly from your smartphone. Thanks to interactive navigation, you can even see the nearest available charging stations, including specifics about connectors, operating hours, availability and any other points of interest that you’ve previously set.
Schedule Charging Organise your charging schedule, choose your power setting, and even set the temperature of your vehicle before you get in. All of this is available on your smartphone thanks to the My Uconnect™ mobile app, which brings every charging opportunity to your fingertips.
A New Command Of The Road Choose a way of driving that reduces consumption and emissions, especially in the city. The new hybrid selector makes choosing the right mode easy and quick, adapting smoothly to every situation. Hybrid mode automatically manages the power from both motors, while switching to electric mode means the combustion engine is de-activated and the vehicle runs solely on the electric motor, generating zero emissions. The E-Save mode preserves the battery’s energy and charges it while driving.
4XE - Jeep Plug in Hybrids Your Next Steps